taggie toy horse title

Baby Taggie Toy Horse

Recently I’ve been inspired by many taggie toys tutorials. A taggie is a toy for babies meant to develop their motor and …

Baby Blanket_Title

Easy Baby Blanket

When I was pregnant I had an idea of knitting a baby blanket. After searching the Internet I was inspired by the …


Tie Dye Ecobag Tutorial

  Recently I have visited a tie dye masterclass. For a long time I was reading about this textile dying technique and …


Oversized No Sew Workout Top

It is very easy to turn an oversize mens t-shirt into a comfy workout or yoga top. I’ve made some t-shirts from …

DIY Table Name Cards_title

DIY Table Name Cards

Table name cards became an essential part of every wedding. and are widely used at different kinds of banquets and proms. If …


4 Ways to Wear Stripes

Do you like stripped clothes? I personally love it! I have a variety of vertical and horizontal stripes tops, t-shirts, skirts and …


Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear readers! Wish you a sunny, happy and amazing Mother’s Day ever! Card by designgreen


Mommypage Interview

Hello everyone! Glad to share with you the our interview that came live lately at Mommypage website – the one-stop spot for …

2 diy rope bracelets_done

DIY Rope Wrap Bracelet

It’s time to do a quick follow up to the Square Knot Bracelet tutorial and show you a really simple rope bracelet tutorial. …